The BBABYY Cypher
Giacomo Sangermani refitting BBABYY

Senator for life Sergio Pininfarina commissioned the building of his dream sailing yacht to the esteemed Lavagna based Cantieri Sangermani in 1969.

Sergio was the legendary designer for Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Bentley. Lead Naval Architect at the Cantieri Sangermani, Césare Sangermani, famous for his drawing of Baron Edmond de Rothschild's long time Rolex Fastnet Race Record Holder Gitana IV,

created the magnificent cutter rigged sloop - and absolute Unicorn amongst Global Classic Sailing Yachts -

known today as BBABYY (named after the Ed Sheeran song Bibia Be Ye Ye: From the Akan language dialect Twi and meaning: All is well).


Racing for Healthy Oceans, BBABYY cruises exclusively at the pleasure of donors to the Bletchley Park Trust  for them to take up the challenge and decrypt the BBABYY stern cypher.

Photograph: Rolls Royce Pininfarina collaboration

Photograph: BBABYY apparel in first pre-production phase

Photograph: BBRRG apparel in second pre-production phase​​​​​​

Photographs: Project Crew BBRRG apparel Completed

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